Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stop Toying With Me!

About a month ago, I came across a job posting online that I was really interested in. The company has a really cool product that I actually buy and can see myself marketing. I foraged my contact list on Linkedin and found a friend of mine who is friends with some higher up in this said company. I emailed this guy and he forwarded my info to the hiring manager, who in turn had her assistant call me right away to set up an interview.

That was exactly a month ago....Since then, I've had about 6 or 7 appointments to talk with the hiring manager over the phone about this position. Each time, she emails me about 10 minutes before our appointment and postpones. Today, I was finally supposed to talk to her at 5pm. At 5:15, I get an email saying that she is stuck in a meeting that she cannot get out of...AGAIN!!

Now if this was a dating situation, I would think that they are "just not that into me" and that I should move on or play hard to get. But really, I have nothing to lose by saying "sure I can do it later, whatever." But really! Is it THAT hard to get 30 minutes of phone time at work? I mean REALLY!

This reminds me of the company that I worked for after bschool....It was a start up that was super crazed and the higher ups could never keep their schedules. Meetings always started late if they happened at all and you just could not plan your day around anything! It was kind of a mess! The worst part of the start up was that you could bring your dog in to work, which made it even messier because on any given day there would be 4-5 dogs in the office and the whole place would smell like dog shit...but I digress...

I just hope that me taking a chance with this new company is worth it. And that if I do get called in for an actual face to face interview, the office isn't covered with dog shit...