Thursday, September 24, 2009

Farmville for REAL!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was obsessed with a game on Facebook called Farmville. Well, not that it's a secret or anything, but I'm still obsessed! And just this week, two things made me realize that my obssession with my virtual farm has carried over into my real life. One was the San Mateo County Fair. I'd never been to a County Fair before, and I was shocked that they had all these animals there! It was so "Little House on the Prairie" country that I couldn't get enough! Weird! Second, for my first wedding anniversary, I suggested to my husband that we go up to Point Reyes, CA for the weekend to do "outdoorsy" activities. We stayed at a B&B up there and it was really nice....but this is when I seriously realized that my obsession maybe, just MAYBE has gone a little too far!! I didn't realize how far gone I was until I compared my real life pictures with my Farmville ones!!! Yikes!! Check it out:

My virtual barn.
The actual barn that we stayed in at the B&B in Point Reyes. It was called "The Nest."

The chickens on my farm. So nice and stationary.

The real chickens on the farm in Point Reyes. They run fast and eat outta your hands!

The pigs, sheep and cows on my virtual farm.

The pigs, sheep, and cows at the San Mateo County Fair. Ick.

All my pretty horses.

The horses we could see from our room in Point Reyes, CA

Virtual artichokes.

Real artichokes. Who knew they looked like this? They were taller than me!

My pumpkin patch.

The other pumpkin patch.

Anyway, after these two ventures out into the real world, I thought to myself: OMG! my virtual world is so much more appealing! It smells better, it's cleaner and it's just friggin cooler! Now that I've realized how far this obssession has gone, I'm going to limit it to online only!!

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Maggie Mae said...

But where are you and your avatar's matching purple mohawks? Do I detect a Halloween costume in the works?