Monday, September 28, 2009

The Hills Are Alive....

....with the Sound of Music!!

Once in a while, I feel really lucky. This weekend was one of them! My friend Amelia bought me a ticket to the sing-along of the classic music The Sound of Music at the Hollywood Bowl. And because I could, I drove down to LA specifically to go to this event. This is actually something that we've been going to for a few years and it sounds cheesy because it IS cheesy; but it's also SO much fun!

Every year, there's a pre-show consisting of a costume contest, a voice warm up where you sing the songs to the film and Leisel or Frederick or Gretel will be there to host. Then when you go to your seat, you are handed props for the film such as Edelweiss, poppers for when Maria and the Captain kiss, and an invitation to the "Captain's Ball" that you can wave around. Then when the lights dim and the movie starts, the entire audience sings along to one of the best movies ever made!! Of course, being able to bring your own food and wine inside the Hollywood Bowl helps makes this even more fun! Anyway, I'm just excited that I got to go back down to LA for this and I feel so lucky that I have such great friends to share this with!

My friend Amelia holding the invite for the "Captain's Ball," a popper for the kiss, and Edelweiss tucked behind her ear. Fun times!


Patricia said...

i didn't know exactly what you meant when u said u went to the sound of music sing a long but that sounds like a really fun event!

chrrrrrs said...

OMG, it's so much fun and I highly highly recommend it!