Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bay Area vs. LA

So today I was talking to a friend of mine from b-school about my job search. We were talking about how saying you've done jack shit in terms of work for the last 12 months isn't too impressive, and then I told her that I've started a blog, and then she tells me, you should tell people that you're taking time off to write a screenplay! Now, in LA, I think I totally would, but up here in the Bay Area...the professional world is a bit different!! So far, here are some little things that I've noticed:

  • People are impressed with "Bullshit."
  • People are impressed if you say you've been in the "industry."
  • Many marketing job postings don't require technical skills. Or an engineering background.
  • If you say your main weakness is quantitative skills, it's AOK!
  • If you smile during an interview, that's a good thing.
  • If you wear a gray suit in summertime, that's also a good thing.
  • When you go in for an interview or a meeting, the receptionist is usually good looking.
Bay Area:
  • People see through the "Bullshit" faster.
  • Most marketing jobs require a technical background. Engineers are loved.
  • During interviews, they grill you on quantitative skills. Sometimes they ask you to describe Excel formulas over the phone.
  • If you wear a gray suit in the summertime, you will most definitely be stared down.
  • People have very international accents that I cannot place.
  • There is no guarantee that the receptionist will be attractive. Or not have a crazy eye.

Ok, you're probably reading this and thinking that I'm vapid and shallow, but no - I'm just kinda wishing I had a more developed skill set so that I can find a job faster, because people up here are really serious!

I think that this video kinda sums it up...and if it doesn't, you should still watch it because it's hilarious!


Maggie said...

You think gray suits in summer are bad, wait until you walk around in a non-North Face jacket during winter!

chrrrrrs said...

Seriously, I went to an interview in a gray suit cuz it was 100 degrees. All the guys were staring at me like it was a construction site, but it was really a cesspool of nerds, and I got a few dirty looks from the 2 girls that were there. WTF?

Patricia said...

haha i'm laughing right now. love the comparison.