Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Green is the Color of Monaaaay!

I keep changing the template of my blog (as if it matters because I have not told a single person about my blog and I have no page views!) but I keep changing it anyway! Anyway, today I've decided to go with green and I think I'm keeping it this way cuz green is the color of monaaay and since I'm in search of a job I think this will be the best blog "feng shui" for me.

Since we've moved up to the Bay Area, a good friend of my husband's has asked if I was looking for a job. (Maybe I should introduce him to my new blog?) Anyway, he's been really nice and asking his colleagues and friends if anyone's hiring at the moment and telling me to send my resume over if I see anything interesting on X, Y, and Z company sites. I'm starting to feel a little guilty that the guy is going out on a limb for me. When people advise you to use your whole network when job searching, is there a line that you shouldn't cross? Should you not stretch your personal contacts to the limit and just kind of hope that something perfect will just fall into their laps which will then be forwarded to you????

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