Monday, August 17, 2009

Do I really need money?

I think I've become a little desperate in my attempt to find meaningful work. Case in point, I recently applied to a job that offered no money and no benefits. Um...what? I even had an interview with the CEO of the company. Actually it wasn't really an interview, it was more of a phone call where the guy tried to sell me on himself and his buddy and their start up company idea. I guess it sounded pretty interesting, and both of the guys had some pretty impressive stints in their career, but really? To work without getting paid? I haven't done that since I was 19 years old and interned at Soap Opera Digest! At least back then I got to watch soaps all afternoon and then Oprah at 3pm while getting free lunch everyday!

These days, my expenses are WAY greater than when I had that unpaid internship. I mean, I just spent a shitload of money on graduate school tuition! Well, fine I borrowed it, but that's even worse because I actually have to pay that money back!! Gone are the days when the only reason to work is to get an LV bag and at the rate I'm going now, I'm lucky if I can even afford this trash bag!

Hmmmm....Ok, after much consideration, I just don't think I can do it. Sorry folks...the reality is, I need to get paid so that I can start paying back Sallie effing Mae.

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