Thursday, October 29, 2009

Farmville is Seriously no Joke!!

Happy Halloween! I have more pumpkins in front of my virtual house than I've EVER had in my entire lifetime!! Sweet!

This morning, a friend of mine sent me an article from Business Week discussing "social game" apps and how they are making a ton of money and basically changing the economy...guess what favorite app of mine was prominently featured??

You guessed it! Farmville!!! That's right folks, apparently I'm not the only one with a farming addiction! According to this article, 60 million people played this game last month and their virtual digital sweet potato seeds, which sell for $5 a packet, made $400K in just 3 days...DAMN! Obviously, people like me who are unemployed did not shell out such cash for these sweet potatoes, but damn! Imagine if the economy was good!

Anyway, here are some recent pictures of my favorite virtual world! They've added some fun stuff for Halloween and also a bunch of new flowers. I literally cannot stop laughing when I look at my lame ass pictures!

My Plant Monster that's caged up in my Gothic fence!

Red Tulips!!

Yellow Daffodils, Pink Roses.

Sunflowers....hey, if my husband doesn't send me flowers, at least I can plant virtual ones!

Random Cabbage and Ghost Chilies.


Maggie Mae said...

What the heck is a "ghost chili"?

chrrrrrs said...

I have no idea...But I planted it anyway!

Suser said...

you are crazy

Susannah said...

is that farm plant the same one from "Little Shop of Horrors?" if so watch it out, it might eat you. "feed me, seymour!"

Kristy said...

freaking HILARIOUS! I looooove the gothic cage and the pumpkin monster.