Monday, October 26, 2009

Do You Party?

About 9 years ago, I was interviewing for a position in sales at a television network. One of the questions that the SVP of the group asked me was, "Can you handle your alcohol?" Apparently, there were a lot of client dinners and events and stuff associated with the job and the person in the role would have to be able to socialize with the best of them. At the time I was 22, so of course as soon as I heard this question, I was like, "Fuck yeah! OPEN BAR!"

Fast forward to 2009...I'm way older, I'm married, and I've outgrown drinking like a fish and puking my guts out on Friday nights/Saturday mornings...well, let's just say that I've only done that once in the last year, which is a huge improvement since my 20's...Anyway, last week I was asked at an interview, "Can you handle your alcohol?" What did I say? "Well, let's just say I could handle it a lot better before I was married!" Yikes! If I actually get an offer for this job, are they going to be cool with me drinking Diet Coke at parties? Am I going to have to order tequila shots and pretend to drink them by tossing them over my shoulder!?


Maggie Mae said...

I would never get a job if "holding your liquor" was a criteria!

chrrrrrs said...

what? you can drink 2 forties!!