Friday, March 19, 2010

Bay Area Interview Questions

Today, I had an interview...during the 2 1/2 hours that I was being interviewed, I got the typical questions:

- "Tell me about yourself"
- "Tell me about a time when you failed"
- "What are your strengths?"


The main question that jumped out at me though was: "What does HTML code look like?" What?! I've never been asked this question before so I did the best I could to warble my way out of the question. If you catch me on a good day, I'm a pretty good bull-shitter, but I'm pretty sure that I bombed this one today...!

When I got home, I told my husband the question and asked what he thought. His answer? Some long winded simile to The Matrix: "Like when Neo gained his powers in The Matrix and saw his world as computer codes." I love Keanu Reeves, but this is one movie of his that I've never seen...too bad because I think that answer was probably a lot more intelligent than mine!

So...Is this a Bay Area thing? I've never been asked this before!


Lamer than Fresno said...

In order, this is what stood out to me from your post:

1) 2.5 hours for one interview??? Absolutely brutal. I can understand 2.5 hours in the aggregate of a few interviews but that is longer than any interview should ever take.

2) You've never seen The Matrix???

3) Then the HTML thing. I'm guessing it's an tech/internet company that you're interviewing with?

Amber said...

Dude! There is no way they should be asking you if you know what HTML looks like if you aren't applying for a web designer or programmer. Did the job description say anything about sending out email blasts or updating a website? What the heck? - (Un)Employment Network said...

Hey - just found your blog and wanted to wish you luck on the hunt. I assume the job was for something technical and if not, then perhaps the interviewer was still hoping for some kind of technical familiarity. I hope you find a job soon! Come by and visit us sometime, maybe we can help: - (Un)Employment Support Network on $405/week but rich in talent!
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