Tuesday, February 9, 2010

GPA...um, Whatever!

Thanks to a good friend of mine who connected me with her friend, I received an email this week from a recruiter at a company that I had been keen on getting into. I was super excited when the recruiter contacted me via email...until I read what she wanted...my GPA from both undergrad and grad school. Yikes! Let's just put it this way...after years of being a studious student, I stopped caring about grades the moment I got accepted into college. Seriously. I got a C in cheerleading my senior year of high school. Oops!

But the more I think about it, the more I wonder. Does school GPA really matter in the real world? I mean, I'm sure it matters to subjects like rocket science or brain surgery. But to the sales and marketing jobs to which I'm applying now? Really!? I've never had anyone else ask me for my GPA for a job before, so I started to sweat. These days in times of stress, I look to the internet, so I did some research online to see what people have to say about this matter and I came across a quote from a fellow blogger: "Great sales people tend to be great socializers, which likely means the keg trumped the library when it came to late night pursuits." Sweet. I'm totally going to start using this as my excuse as to why my GPA hasn't been in the top 25% of the class since high school! I wasn't focused on my GPA because I was concentrating on my real life skills! So there!

Anyway, in case you're wondering, I did send over my GPAs to the recruiter and I'm still blogging about it so obviously it wasn't a positive answer! Oh well...on to my next pursuit!


JORSE said...

so they really said, based on your GPA, we will not be pursuing this potential match further?!?!

chrrrrrs said...

No, no! The only thing they asked for was my GPA. Then I got an email back 24 hours later from the same girl saying that they "didn't have a position that was a strong match" for my background. So in order to soothe my own ego, I'm going to take it as my GPA didn't meet the test! Cuz what else could it be!?