Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Return of the Blogi!

Today I'm posting a new blog without changing the name of my blog...so really it can only mean one thing...I'm once again unemployed! WTF, you ask? Well, long story short....

I started a new job on November 16 at an online video game company. The company has been around for 5 years and is actually owned by a publicly traded company in Japan with 500 employees worldwide. I was really excited to start because it has offices all around the world - Japan, U.S., Ireland, Brazil - not to mention development partners in Korea and Russia. Anyway, I could probably ramble on and on about the specifics of what I was hired to do and what I did, but seriously, you can go to http://www.craigslist.org/ to find out what a marketing position entails.

Just shy of my 90 day trial period, I'm sitting on my couch blogging about unemployment again because the company just wasn't a good fit for me and I quit...Hm...perhaps I should beat around the bush a little here and say some politically correct things, but that's just not my style. The reason I left is because I just did not like my manager. I'm sure that if I listed his personality traits and gave examples of his lack of managerial skills as reasons why I didn't like him, I would sound completely immature and petty, so I won't list them. Instead, I'll just give you some quotes of what he said during my 70-something days there and you can decide. Here are my top 3 favorite quotes from this guy:

1. To me: "Just to let you know, I filed a formal complaint against ____ on your behalf."

2. To a coworker: "People are asking me why I would hire an Indian person."

3. To no one in particular but I heard it because I sat next to him: "They need to deport all the homeless people in Berkeley back to Mexico."

Bonus quote about a coworker: "You know her situation....she's pregnant....who knows if she'll be emotionally stable to handle work."

To be fair, he was a smart guy and I think that if I knew him outside of this situation...well, I probably wouldn't have been friends with him, but I definitely would have been nice to him! In retrospect, I wish I had started a blog while I was working there so that I could have documented something everyday. It would actually have been a great Twitter account, similar to @shitmydadsays and I could have just tweeted nothing but quotes. LOL. (If you've never heard of @shitmydadsays, I highly recommend it. It makes me laugh.) Anyway, I guess I could have worked there a while longer and looked for a job at the same time, but spending 12 hours a day at an office makes it a little difficult to job search and being there just wasn't me being true to myself and I'm too old for bullshit and fakeness, so I thought I would cut my losses sooner rather than later.

Let me just say though...this is the first time I've ever quit a job without anything else lined up, and it feels CRAZY!! On the one hand, I feel so HAPPY that I told HR the truth about why I left and I feel completely validated because the other girl in marketing quit on the same day as me and for the same reasons! But on the other hand, I'm a little worried because, well shit, I'm now unemployed!!!

I want to add too that my experience was not completely negative. I did realize that I missed work more than I thought and I did meet quite a few cool and smart people who taught me a lot and who I hope to keep in touch with. I also learned how to play World of Warcraft, something I never thought I would do! Plus a coworker introduced me to some interesting food which I had been dying to try ever since I saw both Andrew Zimmerman and Anthony Bourdain eat it on Travel Channel...balut!! It's fertilized duck egg and apparently a huge delicacy in Vietnam and The Philippines. I probably would never have bought it even if I saw it at the market, but she got it for me and I'm so excited about it that I need to share:

Anyway, I think I'm going to continue my blog while I look for work again...even if no one reads, it's fun for me!! Soooooo...here we go again....!


Rach said...

Well, whats so, so what, so good.
Atleast you made some great friends! Good luck with the job search, look forward to reading future posts on this blog ;)


Anonymous said...

I would like to add my own...

"This is *Jim*. Can you help him move?"

"*Betty* is practically a virtuoso! Her sister went to Juliard!"

"Why isn't Game A on Vendor X? Oh, Vendor X dropped Game A, why do you keep telling me that?!?!"

"Hey can you drop by *large game publisher* and wait in the lobby until someone talks to you?"

"OMG My developer has been out sick for 2 weeks!! WHY ISN'T SHE RESPONDING TO MY EMAILS?!?!"

"Can you do your own review? I'm really busy and have to do 18 other people's."

"Hey do you want to work on the group global marketing strategy this weekend?"--this was on a Friday @ 555 PM.

Amber said...

I am SO glad you quit!! Life is WAY too short to work at a crappy job. I am also SO glad that you told HR the truth of why you are quitting. That will (hopefully) benefit your other ex-co-workers down the road. I'm sure something new and exciting will come your way soon!

By the way...where the heck did you buy the balut??

chrrrrrs said...

my coworker bought it for me at this chinese supermarket called Lion's Market. i would not have known it was balut, it just looks like a jumbo size egg!! lol!

i'm glad i left too. :)

Suser said...

Hi Chris, it's Susan from Groop and SC days.

I feel you. 5 months into my new job I started looking for something else, and was able to quickly, thankfully. Just started last week. My old boss was the same way.

"Do you think JANET can walk a 5k? JANETT???" (Janet is maybe, 20 lbs overweight)

"Can you come into my office? ... Do you want snap peas or carrots in the snack cabinet?"

"I think that guy is autistic." (completely normal person)

"I am deeply sad that you didn't attend our group outing last night. Please make it your priority to plan the next one."

Anyway - bold move on your part and good luck with the next move!

Dan said...

you should get back onto world of warcraft!