Thursday, June 10, 2010

Discouraging Job Ads

Hm...saw an interesting article on the Huffington Post the other discouraging is this? Apparently, a lot of new job postings come with the caveat of "The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered." How is this productive and how is this helping our economy??


Lamer than Fresno said...

While I don't agree with these types of hiring processes, I can understand the rationale.

1) It's a filter. Just like your post a while back about asking for undergrad GPA or whatnot, it's just a way to reduce the still hundreds of applicants per job even though it doesn't necessarily mean that employed people are better candidates than unemployed people. (I keep hearing the job market is getting better but I still keep hearing that every job gets like 100+ applicants.)

2) The happiness/desperation factor. It sort of makes sense to want someone "content" at a job to fill in a position. It's like Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This candidate is fulfilled in terms of his/her basic needs and can fulfill the next level of achieving success or some BS like that. Someone unemployed will get desperate for a job and may act the part to get it but may not be in the right state of mind. I don't know. It made more sense in my head. My sister was the psych major, not me.

3) It's not about helping the economy, nor is it about being productive. I'm pretty sure if it was you or I in the hiring position, we wouldn't give a rats ass how the economy is. We're just trying to get the best person for the job.

Again, I'm not saying that I would do it or that it's justified. This type of hiring (along with the GPA requirement) is like being that guy or girl with really strict dating requirements. Like the girl who would only date guys 6 feet tall or guys who would only date blonds. You're really not going to give someone a chance because they're 5 foot 11? Or because they're brunette. In the end, they're missing out.


Anonymous said...

There is currently legislation in Congress to add unemployment as a class that cannot be discriminated against, to deal with the very ilk of these sickening your congressmen/women for support

headhunter said...

Well there are just some people who want to discourage us to not pursue our goal. But we should not be affected. Just go with your goal and work hard.